Never Finished Changing

Famous last words of a stuck mentality:

I never did it that way before. I don’t know how to navigate the social media sites. I don’t have a platform. I don’t know how to self-publish. I just don’t understand all that high tech stuff.

Whatever famous last words you use an excuse doesn’t matter — as long as you allow them to stop you they are working.

All Social Media Should Lead to Your Brand Website or Blog

All Social Media Should Lead to Your Brand Website or Blog

My Grandpa Kelley was a hero to me. One time he came to visit us in Germany. I was excited to show him the Alps. I remember beaming with pride as we drove through the winding roads.

My bubble was busted when I heard my beloved Grandfather mumble, “You can’t see anything with all these mountains in the way.”

What?! How could it be that he didn’t share my love for the Alps? He was from North Dakota and flat lands were familiar to him. The towering Alps were disturbing to him. Many people feel the same way about Internet based businesses and promotion.

We are all guilty of not recognizing the beauty in the unfamiliar. We can step away from the present and our very own futures out of fear. Reed B. Markham said, “If you are standing still, you are also going backwards. It takes great effort to maintain forward movement.” This is a great reminder that we can’t settle in for the ride. We must constantly be growing, learning, expanding and gaining new talents. [Continue reading]

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News from My New Hometown

Eternal Returns

Please excuse my proud mom moment! My son, Keegan, has a new company called Eternal Returns. My new hometown of Nashville and one of our very own local (and family) businesses, Eternal Returns, took center stage in the July 22nd airing of America’s … [Continue reading]

In Celebration of New Experiences

Coco the Couture Cat

I have been to a lot of business events over the years running the gamut from INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America, regional and national soap conferences, meetings for micro and small businesses, Amway meetings, cruises, aromatherapy events … [Continue reading]

Quick Tips for Kindle Formatting


I read a lot. I do the majority of my reading on Kindle. Yes, I miss the feel of real books and all the reasons many readers don’t make the change from paperback to Kindle. I was won over by the ease of reading from a lighted surface, the ability to … [Continue reading]